ARSAD 2023 keynote is Sophie Frilley, CEO at TITRAFILM.

Sophie Frilley, blonde woman with black shirt and skirt.

Sophie FRILLEY is the co-CEO of  the  French company TITRAFILM. After a career in communication and business, she joined the TITRAFILM family business group in 2005,  with the aim of transforming the company from print to digital : TITRAFILM had invented subtitling in 1933 in Paris, when talking films started to make it around the world.

90 years later, TITRAFILM offers  a  full range  of  creative and technical services  dedicated  to high standard media content production, distribution, international sales and theatrical, TV and OTT broadcast.

Its 150 employees are specialized in image and sound postproduction (editing, color grading, recording, sound design and mix), localization (dubbing and subtitling in multiple languages), accessibility (audiodescription, SDH), lab services (mastering, QC, graphics) and creation of broadcasting material (DCP, media processing).
TITRAFILM is leading the industry by developing online platforms and exchange secured tools dedicated to localization, which have been awarded in 2019 by the Cesar of Innovation.