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Social events:

  • 19 April, evening: Speakers’ Reception: “Dark Chocolate, An Evening of Tasty Jazz“, organised and sponsored by Bridge Multimedia. An invitation has been sent to speakers,  chairs and sponsors. Contact us if you have not received it. Confirmation is needed before 28 March.
  • 20 April, evening: Dinner for all participants. An email has been sent with more information to all participants. Contact us if you have not received it. Confirmation is needed before 28 March.


DAY 1. 20/04/2023

08.30-09.00 Registration

09.00-09.15 Welcoming words by Anna Matamala (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB)

09.15-10.00 Keynote speaker: Sophie Frilley (TITRAFILM), chaired by Federico Spoletti (SUB-TI)

10.00-11.30 Sound and voices, chaired by Anna Matamala (UAB) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Bernd Benecke (Bayerischer Rundfunk): Designing with voices: The challenges of presenting and sound editing in Audio Description [pdf]
  • Brett Oppegaard (University of Hawaii): Is it Art? Or is it Audio Description? Experiments on the boundaries of media accessibility [pdf]
  • Roger Johansson, Jana Holsanova, Viveka Lyberg-Åhlander, Erika Sombeck & Tina Rastegar (Lund University/Åbo Academy): Spatiotemporal description of events in AD – the role of cognitive aspects and voice quality [pdf]
  • Irene Hermosa (UAB) & Nina Reviers (University of Antwerp): From theatre podcast to audio introductions and back [pdf]

11.30-12.00 Coffee break

12.00-13.30 AD models and challenges, chaired by Nina Reviers (University of Antwerp) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Marie Campbell (Red Bee Media): The Art of Difficult Describing [pdf]
  • Marina Ramos & Purificación Meseguer Cutillas (University of Murcia): The role of ideology on the audio description process [pdf]
  • Alejandro Romero (Universitat Jaume I): The multimodal configuration of the audio description script. A qualitative content analysis of the meaning codes [pdf]
  • Iwona Mazur (Adam Mickiewicz University): Functional priorities in audio description [pdf]

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.00 AD across the world, chaired by Iwona Mazur (Adam Mickiewicz University) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Lucinea Villela (Sao Paulo State University): What makes a Brazilian audio description a Brazilian audio description? [pdf]
  • Kulnaree Sueroj & Mariana Lopez (University of York): The challenges of existing Thai Audio Description guidelines [pdf]
  • Soledad Álvarez & Mayte Gorrostorrazo (Universidad de la República): A Linguistic Study on Film Audio Description in Uruguay: the Project “Image and Word in Motion” [pdf]
  • Laura Marra (Università del Salento): “Show or tell”. The language of emotions in the Spanish and Italian AD [pdf]

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-18.30 Artistic practices, chaired by Lucinéa Villela (Sao Paulo State University) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Jana Holsanova (Lund University), Vera Suvalo Grimberg (Dance Company Spinn) & Tina Weidelt (Audiosyn): Recorded Audio Description as an integral part of the live dance performance of ‘Miramos’ [pdf]
  • Alicia Verdú & María Olalla Luque Colmenero (University of Granada): From Labanotation to subjectivity in the audio description of the contemporary dance piece Minerva [pdf]
  • Arianna Carloni (University of Surrey): Watching and Listening to Dance [pdf]
  • Chiara Bartolini (University of Bologna): Cultural accessibility strategies and museum AD in Italy: a (belated) emerging practice? [pdf]
  • María José García-Vizcaíno (Montclair State University): Audio Description from Within: The Artist’s Turn [pdf]
  • Karen Seeley (The University of Adelaide): End-User experience of AD for the Performing Arts: Complexities beyond Practice [pdf]

DAY 2. 21/04/2023

09.00-09.15 Registration

09.15-10.30 Technology and tools, chaired by Pilar Orero (UAB) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Mereijn van der Heijden (Soundfocus) & Ellen Schut (Earcatch): Pre-recorded AD for live events [pdf]
  • Eveline Ferwerda (Scribit.Pro): The Video Accessibility Plug-in [pdf]
  • María J. Valero Gisbert (Università degli Studi di Parma): Audio description on mobile screens [pdf not available]

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Professional skills and certification, chaired by Estel·la Oncins (UAB) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Wendy Sapp (Bridge Multimedia): Improving Audio Description through Quality Control Reviewers who are Blind [pdf]
  • Joel Snyder (Audio Description Associates, LLC- Audio Description Project of the American Council of the Blind): UPDATE: Becoming a *certified* Audio Describer [pdf]
  • Alicja Zajdel (University of Antwerp): Professional identity profiles among audio describers [pdf]
  • Anna Jankowska (University of Antwerp): Pivot Templates in Audio Description: Performance and Attitude of Translators [pdf]

12.30-13.30 Audio describing videogames, chaired by Sarah McDonagh (UAB) (15’ presentations + 15’ discussion)

  • Xiaochun Zhang (University College London) & Polly Goodwin: AD4Games: applying Audio Description in Video Games [pdf]
  • María Eugenia Larreina & Carme Mangiron (UAB): Audio Description and Video Games – Results from a survey and interviews in Spain [pdf]
  • Miguel Ángel Oliva- Zamora (UAB): Audio Introductions for Video Games [pdf]

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.00 Multimodality and creativity, chaired by Anna Jankowska (University of Antwerp)  (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Aneta Pawlowska & Daria Rutkowska-Siuda (University of Lodz): Tactile Architectural Drawings as a tool to support audio description [pdf]
  • Adriana da Paixao (Centro de Apoio Pedagógico à Pessoa com Deficiência Visual Profa. Cátia Paim): Audio description of illustrated books: A multimodal Reading proposal [pdf]
  • Marcella Wiffler Stefanini (State University of Campinas, Unicamp): Audio description of “Vinil Verde”: audio describing the horror gender [pdf]
  • Gert Vercauteren (University of Antwerp): Creativity in the audio description of non-fictional content. The case of the Flemish documentary ‘Beest’ [pdf]

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-17.45 New audiences, new approaches, chaired by Gert Vercauteren (University of Antwerp) (15’ presentations + 30’ discussion)

  • Monika Zabrocka (Jagiellonian University Krakow) & Grzegorz Kata /University of Economics and Innovation, Lublin): Accessibility has many names. Audio description has many roles [pdf]
  • Yolanda Moreno Montaño (University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia):  Audio description: a learning tool for students with cognitive disabilities. A reception study [pdf]
  • Matt Kaplowitz (Bridge Multimedia) & Joel Snyder (Audio Description Associates, LLc-Audio Description Project of the American Council of the Blind): Can you see Gravity? Audio description and Early Education [pdf not available]

17.45-18.00 Concluding remarks