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Upcoming Events

Talk by visiting scholar

Mar 23rdPortuguese – pluricentric language at the L1/L2 intersection
Speaker: Dr. Ana Luisa Costa (Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa)
1:00-2:15 pm
Venue: Seminar room 4B, Faculty of Education
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Talk by visiting scholar

April 13thReversing familial language shift: perspectives from two generations
Speaker: Dr. Sabine Little, University of Sheffield, UK (with Toby Little as co-author)
Timetable: 12:45-2:00 pm
Venue: Faculty Conference Room, Faculty of Education Sciences (Sala de Juntes)
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Talk by 2 invited scholars (online)

May 25th
2-part conference
1) Collaboratively imagining what another is seeing: L2 sidebar talk in a virtual reality game
Speaker: Dr. Tim Greer, Kobe University, Japan
2) Orienting to spatial violations in virtual reality
Speaker: Dr. Zachary Nanbu, Kobe University, Japan
Timetable: 9-10:15 AM (CET)
Venue: Online
More information: Greer & Nanbu

Fifth Biannual SIG EduLing Meeting (hosted by GREIP & Dept. of Teaching of Lang. Lit. & Soc. Sc, UAB)

29-30 JuneInternational Association for Research in L1 Education (ARLE)
Special Interest Group (SIG): Educational Linguistics
Organizing Committee: Dr. Xavier Fontich (Chair), Mariona Casas-Deseures, Llorenç Comajoan, Dolors Masats, Marcos Troncoso
Theme: Grammar teaching and learning: Challenges and opportunities

Participation in 20th anniversary of Campus Ítaca

Turn 1:
Turn 2:
Campus Ítaca 2023
Participating GREIP members:
Klaudia Kruszsynska, Cèlia Pratginestós, Diego Silva Gomes de Albuquerque

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