According to the current project the team’s avenues of research for the triennium 2015-2018 are the following:

1. Development of a database on Arnau de Vilanova (Arnau DB), which provides basic information (manuscripts, documents, early modern and contemporary editions, secondary bibliography, research news) on the author and his work.

2. Edition and study of the Interpretatio de visionibus in somnis by Arnau de Vilanova.

3. Analysis of Aristotle’s influence on the scientific work of Arnau de Vilanova.

4. Study of the reception of Arnau de Vilanova’s medical works in the modern era.

5. Study of the figure and the work of the Scotist Antoni Andreu.

6. Analysis of the biography and the work of Bartomeu de Tresbens, King Peter the Ceremonious’s physician and astrologer.

Ilustration: Dragon or hen from the second dream, engraving from Nazari, Della Tramutatione Metallica Sogni Tre, Brescia, 1564, f. 28v. This book includes the Italian version of some pseudo-Arnaldian alchemic works.

According to the prior project the team’s avenues of research for the triennium 2012-2014 are the following:

1 . To create and develop a digital corpus on Arnau de Vilanova with databases on:

  • Works belonging to the Arnaldian and pseudo-Arnaldian corpus.
  • Manuscripts and modern printed editions of the corpus.
  • Archive documents on the life and works of Arnau de Vilanova.
  • Contemporary editions of Arnau’s and pseudo-Arnau’s works and secondary bibliography.

2 . To serve as a meeting point for research and study on Arnau de Vilanova:

  • To create a website focused on Arnau de Vilanova where the databases will be accessible.
  • The same website will serve as the institutional website of the future International Study Centre on Arnau de Vilanova (Institut d’Estudis Catalans – Faculty of Theology of Catalonia).

3 . Other parallel research initiatives:

  • The manuscript tradition of the Arnaldian corpus: catalogue and description of the manuscripts.
  • Printed editions from the Modern Age of Arnau de Vilanova’s medical works.
  • Compilation and revision of archive documents on Arnau de Vilanova.

4 . Dissemination:

  • Presentation multilingual of the biography, work and posterity of Arnau de Vilanova on the website.