The cultural and creative industries (CCI) are considered key sectors by the European Union within the framework of Horizon 2020 strategy (COM-2011 808 final). However, official statistics (Eurostat, INE, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports) show that Spain is not meeting the European average standards in this area and homogenous criteria are not being used to assess its transformation and its potential as fundamental activity for job creation and economic growth.

Given this scenario, this project aims the following objectives: to establish an innovative model for the analysis of cultural and creative industries in the Spanish regions with emphasis on the development of emerging digital technologies; to develop a mapping of existing resources and infrastructures to identify the excellence centers for international competitiveness; and to create a barometer of cultural and creative industries in Spain, whose results would provide basic information for strategic decision making in this sector.

The project will develop a new approach for measuring the ICC in Spain, accordingly with European standards and renewed international statistical indicators. It will also provide a platform for dissemination, being accessible to the whole sector for making strategic decisions, and will identify under what conditions these industries can generate dynamic development, employment and social welfare.