The LOCALCOM research group is an inter-university network and its members are the Autonomous University of Barcelona (coordinator), Alicante, Malaga, Santiago de Compostela, the Basque Country and Complutense and Carlos III de Madrid universities. Its main research area is the development of communications from the perspective of the Spanish regions, understood as the new local spaces. These new spaces are considered as privileged places in the field of networking, infrastructure and economy of communicationsas well as a fertile ground for innovative research. In this sense, Spain has undertaken one of the most advanced regional decentralization at the international level and, in this framework, LOCALCOM Network aims to set up the impact of communication processes in the different Spanish regions, with an eye to three primary actors: citizens, companies and public administration.

The Research Group on Local Communication Studies has been accredited as Accredited Research Group by the Government of Catalonia in October 2014 in recognition of his scientific and academic trajectory (2014SGR0407).