Master’s Degree in East Asian Global Studies – UAB

The Official Master’s Degree in Global East Asian Studies is a pioneering programme in the training of professional experts in economic, political, cultural and environmental interactions with East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), in today’s age of globalisation. Working in a globalised world requires a special kind of understanding of the economic, political, cultural and environmental dynamics of the East Asian region and how it influences the rest of the world, making this area a major driving force for globalisation.

The UAB Faculty of Translation and interpreting is at the forefront of the study of and research on East Asia, and is the only one of its kind in the Catalan university system.It is also the first centre in Spain to offer undergraduate and doctoral studies, and the only one to offer as master’s degree in East Asian global studies. This programme enjoys the support of an extensive teaching team, comprising national and Asian specialists, and is run in close collaboration with official international institutions  such as Casa Asia (Spain), the Confucius Institute of Barcelona (China), Japan Foundation (Japan), King Sejong Institute of Barcelona (South Korea) and Chiang ChingKuo Foundation (Taiwan).

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Master Programme for European Studies (KUPES) – Kobe University

Kobe University Programme for European Studies (KUPES) provides an integrated and structured curriculum for students from B2 to master’s level with a view to fostering interdisciplinary perspectives and insights related to the EU and its relations with Japan. KUPES is designed for students from the three faculties and graduate schools of Intercultural Studies, Global Human Sciences, Law and Economics at Kobe University.

Under the interdisciplinary KUPES curriculum, enrolled students will not only acquire specialised knowledge, insights and analytical skills, but will also develop the capacity to analyse and research issues pertaining to the EU and international society from multifaceted viewpoints. KUPES provides a structured curriculum for students to learn about the history of the EU, from a social, political and economic perspective. The programme focuses on specific areas and is taught in both, Japanese and English.

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MA/MRes in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies – Birkbeck, University of London

This multidisciplinary, flexible course will give you a thorough grounding in comparative literature and cultural studies in the context of modern languages. It also allows you to explore the cultures of a variety of language-speaking areas: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Brazilian, and Spanish and Latin American. You can take a broadly comparative pathway through the degree or choose to engage with one or more specific language-speaking areas. 

The course brings together a team of renowned academic experts in cultural studies, visual studies, linguistics, comparative literature and cultures, history and thought. We will help you steer a pathway through the programme that reflects your specific interests, career and personal ambitions, and language knowledge. You will be able to choose whether you study texts in the original language(s) or in English translation; if you work in the original language(s) this will be reflected in the final degree title (eg MRes French and Spanish). 

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Master’s Degree in International Relations, Security and Development

This master’s degree has been awarded the new International Master’s Programme (IMP) distinction by the Government of Catalonia.

In recent years, citizens, societies and countries have found themselves surrounded by an international reality which surpasses that of any border. From an internationl relations perspective and with the help of similar disciplines, the Master’s Degree in International Relations, Security and Development (MURISD) constitutes a basic tool for understanding this complex reality and also to master the main analytical tools and guidelines needed to take part in it.

The MURISD programme prepares students to be abale to analyse the main actors, instruments, processes and structures of international societies, as well as enable them to gain knowledge in different aspects of international life, in particular those related to security and development problems in specific, relevant geographic areas.

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