The research carried out by GREGAL is focused on the study of the circulation of audiovisual productions, the uses of popular culture for strategic purposes and practices for the appropriation of aesthetic influences found in Japanese societies and Korean creative engines.

For almost a decade, the work of the members of the GREGAL research group has been focused on the intercultural and socio-political dynamics of East Asia, highlighting the accelerated increase in cultural consumption practices associated with severalexpressions of Japanese and Korean contemporary popular culture (audiovisual and literary productions, graphic publications and electronic entertainment, gastronomy, language), as well as its effects on specific sectors within economics, politics and culture.

Necessarily considering the intrinsic dynamism that informs these processes from their origin to their reception, the group has established the following strategic objectives:

• To consolidate an intensive analysis of the global circulation of products and practices associated with Japanese and Korean popular cultures, as well as their social impact in Catalonia.

• To increase the study of cultural diplomacy strategies at official institutions in Korea, Japan and Catalonia, with special emphasis on their social, political and economic implications.

• To promote the analysis of human flows between Catalonia, Korea and Japan, and the broad study of the formative variables involved in the teaching and learning of Japanese and Korean languages in our educational environment.

• To strengthen the channels and activities of knowledge-transfer and scientific outcomes obtained in the development of the group’s lines of research.

• To increase the group’s international dimension by establishing scientific collaborations with other similar groups in the European environment.


Research lines