Covid information

The situation of the Covid-19 is currently under control and we therefore do not foresee any complications of this nature. Below is the official information regarding the requirements for coming to Spain, but we should remind you to check the following webpages before coming to the conference in July, in case there is any change.

– Requirements for entering Spain if you are travelling from outside the EU/EEA, click here.
– Requirements for entering Spain if you are travelling from an EU/EEA country, click here.

All passengers arriving in Spain by air and who do not have an EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent must fill in a health control form before travelling. You can fill in the form on the Spain Travel Health portal or Android apps or iOS devices. When you have filled in the form (no more than 48 hours before your arrival in Spain), you will receive a QR code which you will have to present (on paper or via your mobile phone) both when boarding and when you arrive in Spain. For further Information click here before the trip.

It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask outdoors or indoors in Spain. There are certain exceptions where it is still necessary to wear them, such as in health centres, services and establishments (for example, in health centres, hospitals or pharmacies) and in socio-sanitary facilities (workers and visitors in communal areas). The wearing of face masks is still mandatory on air, rail, cable and bus transport, as well as on any public passenger transport. 


Arriving in Barcelona

Barcelona Airport is located 16 kilometres south of the city and is also known as Josep Tarradellas – El Prat, the town where it is located. It has two terminals T1 and T2 (A, B and C) which are organised in terms of carriers and not according to the destination or place of origin. 

The main connections between the airport and Barcelona city centre are:

 – Aerobús (A1 and A2)  
  Daily service between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city center (Plaça de Catalunya).
  Frequency: A1: every 8 minutes / A2: every 15 minutes.
  Approximate journey time: 35 minutes.
  For further information chick here.

 – Metro (TMB)
  L9 sud metro line connects the city and Barcelona airport (T1 and T2) daily.
  Frequency: every 7 minutes.
  Approximate journey time: 32 minutes (from Zona Universitària).
  For further information click here.

 – Train (RENFE)
  Daily connections from the RENFE (Spanish Rail) stations to Sants Estació station.
  Frequency: every 30 minutes.
  Journey time: 25 minutes (to Sants Estació station).
  For further information click here.

 – Taxi
  Barcelona taxis are famous for their colors: they are black with the doors and the boot in yellow. 
  Taxis from Barcelona Airport offer their services 24 hours, waiting for passengers at the taxi ranks located in both terminals (T1 and T2). 
  For further information click here.



– Researchers & university residences (probably, the most economic options, and about 5-10 minutes walking from “Plaça Catalunya” train station, see below ‘Conference venue’)

  Residencia d’Investigadors
  C/ Hospital, 64. 08001 Barcelona

  Residencia Universitaria Pere Felip Monlau
  C/ Sant Oleguer, 20-22. 08001 Barcelona 


– Other researchers & university residences (also, probably, the most economic options, but far from “Plaça Catalunya” train station, about 20 minutes by bus’)

  Residencia Universitaria Campus del Mar
  Pg. Salvat Papasseit, 4. 08003 Barcelona

  Residencia Universitaria La Ciutadella
  Passeig Pujades, 33-37. 08018 Barcelona


– Hotels (all of them about 5 minutes walking from “Plaça Catalunya” train station)

  Hotel Lloret
  Rambla de Canaletes, 125. 08002 Barcelona

  Hotel City Park
  C/ Pelai, 1. 08001 Barcelona

  Chic & Basic Lemon Hotel
  C/ Pelai, 6. 08001 Barcelona

  Hotel Atlantis
  C/ Pelai, 20. 08001 Barcelona

  Hotel Lleó
  C/ Pelai, 22, 24. 08001 Barcelona

  Hotel Casa Luz
  Ronda de la Universitat, 1. 08007 Barcelona

  Exe Plaza Catalunya
  Ronda de la Universitat 18. 08007 Barcelona

  H10 Catalunya Plaza
  Plaça Catalunya, 7. 08002 Barcelona

  Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 9. 08001 Barcelona
  Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 13. 08001 Barcelona

For more options on accommodation click here


Useful information about Barcelona

  – Practical and useful information: Will the weather be fine in Barcelona? Will people understand what I’m saying? Take a look at this information and you will find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions before you pack your case.
  – Getting around the city (Metro, Train, Tram, Bus, Taxi, Bike), click here.
  – Mobile Apps, click here.


Enjoying Barcelona

Modernista Route   Two days in Barcelona 
                   Themed routes                                                     Day itineraries       
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 Art and culture Barcelona   Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo      
                      Art & Culture                                                         With the family         
Platja Vila Olímpica    
                      Sea and beaches                                                         Nightlife   
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