People from companies show and explain how their products and services work.

Tuesday, 21st November · 2:40-5:35 p.m. (Yersin group)

Bruker Española: MALDI & IR Biotyper: rapid microbial identification and subtyping, within regulated environments

• Condalab: Condagene: quick pathogen detection by qPCR

• Grupo Deltalab

• Interscience: Work optimization in microbiology laboratories: from sample preparation to analysis

Wednesday, 22nd November · 2:15-4:50 p.m. (Yersin group)

• BioserThe most versatile and efficient tandem for pathogen analysis with higher profitability

• MicroPlanet Laboratorios

• Werfen: QIAcuity: the digital PCR system par excellence

Thursday, 23rd November – Thanksgiving day · 2:40-5:05 p.m. (Yersin group)

• Illumina Productos España: Implementation of new technologies in food safety

• LGC Standards: Proficiency tests: continuous improvement in the food quality and safety control laboratory

• Sysmex España: Flow cytometry technology: an alternative to conventional microbiology

Thermo Fisher Diagnostics: Food safety and food protection: a global perspective



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