Parlem amb… Talking to… project is an educational proposal for virtual and synchronous peer tutoring, to improve communicative skills in English and Spanish. Higher primary school students from Catalonia and Scotland are paired to each develop the role of tutor, in their language, and that of tutee, in the foreign language. The aim of the project is that, through a virtual exchange, students improve their skills both in the foreign language –from the help provided by their tutor– and in their language –offering pedagogical help to the tutee–. The results of the implementation of this experience show that peer interaction is crucial to turn classrooms into learning spaces where students not only learn from the adult figure, but also from the mutual help provided with the peer group, using differences as a learning mechanism. Diversity, even when we emphasize it by looking for differences, not only between students or between courses or groups, but between schools and countries, can be a good source of learning.

You have the info in “Projecte PARLEM AMB… TALKING TO…“.

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