GRAI (Research Group on Peer Learning) promotes different programmes for improving some core competencies, through peer tutoring with family involvement.

Regarding language skills, the following programmes are promoted with the aim of improving reading comprehension and written expression:

  1. Llegim en parella , in Catalan language
  2. Leemos y escribimos en pareja, in Spanish language
  3. Bikoteka Irakurtzen, in Basque language
  4. Reading in pairs, in English as a second language

As for the mathematical skills, the following programmes are promoted with the aim of improving the cooperative resolution of daily problems;

  1. (En)Raonem en parella.
  2. Razonar en pareja.

The programmes rely on helping teachers and schools to introduce instructional strategies for inclusive education, recognising not only those students who are different but also taking pedagogical advantage of their different levels of knowledge in order to show how to learn from differences.

With these conceptual bases, the programmes have the commitment of the students (responsibility of tutor and tutee roles), the commitment of teachers and schools (teachers’ network: XAI – Xarxa d’Aprenentatge entre Iguals) and the commitment of families (performing as reading tutors for their children at home).

Since the programme Llegim en parella started in 2006 to the current moment, we have worked with more than 400 schools in different geographical areas: Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarra, Balearic Islands and Aragon. In a R&D format, the data collected has shown the effectiveness of the programmes, published in journals and conferences.