(Programme for the Improvement and Innovation in Initial training for Teachers 2014)

Learning the teachers role in the Knowledge society: teachers’ actions in peer learning contexts.

Cooperative learning (CL)-as instructional strategy-and cooperation or teamwork-as a key XXI century competence-are international challenges of education systems.
Despite the importance of CL, the challenge comes from the finding that its implementation, within the methodological resources for teachers and schools, is problematic. This innovation seeks to find mechanisms in the initial training of teachers for the implementation of CL instructional practices. Due to this, we have combined international experiences revision and our own experiences as a group with an extensive experience on training in peer learning. At this moment, more than 57 centres in Catalonia have carried out Llegim en parella or Reading in pairs, a peer tutoring programme under our coordination and with the support of the Catalan Government.
This innovation will equip teachers in initial training with an inter-subjects training on CL Conceptual basis; allow them to live the new role of teachers in CL situations, setting them up in practices in classrooms with real and quality CL projects; and experiencing at a later date the CL method in the university for themselves; finally, to reflect on how to transfer it to new situations.

The project participants:

  • David Duran Gisbert.
  • Marta Flores Coll.
  • Ester Miquel Bertran.
  • Teresa Ribas Seix.
  • Marilisa Birrello.
  • Mariona Corcelles Seuba.
  • Laia Capdet Cidoncha.
  • Esteve Corominas Baig.
  • Maria Teresa Oller Sánchez.
  • Hilde Van Keer.

Last Friday, 12 th of June, we had the opportunity to share our research, and the first results, with Hilde Van Keer, teacher in the Department of Science Education of the University of Gent (Belgium). We could share with her some opinions and points of view about the process of the data collected and their interpretation.
We also had the opportunity to think about the possible improvements about the research and about other possibilities to continue. It was a very rich time for our research group sharing with Hilde who is an important and prestigious researcher.

CIMIE 2015

On Saturday, July 4 Marta Flores, on behalf of GRAI, presented in Valencia the early results of the investigation and procedure under the “Congreso Multidisciplinar de Investigación Educativa”.

Here you have the link to the news blog and presenting digital content presented.


Duran, D., Corcelles, M., & Flores, M. (2017). Enhancing expectations of cooperative learning use through initial teacher training. International Journal of Educational Psychology, 6(3), 278-300.