The researchers lines that follows the GREP are:

– Development and evaluation of the psychomotor professionals skills.

– The theoretical and practical framework in Psychomotor Education.

– Adaptation of the Psychomotricity to schools.

– Specific training, researcher and professional of the psychomotricist.

– Evaluation training at the university.


The lines of research that have pointed out above are present but the time enrrera GREP has the following:

  • The relationship between curriculum and psychomotor.
  • The observation Psychomotor.
  • To study the influence of neurology and neurobiology in the Psychomotor Development.
  • To deepen the theoretical principles underpinning psychomotor.
  • Defining the role of the adult system and what attitudes must meet.
  • Specify ways of impacting on initial training, permanent, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral graduate at both national and European level.
  • Deepen the practice, intervention and methodology psychomotor activity.
  • Establish dynamic basic forms and strategies involved in the process of individuation of the child.