Some of the doctors of the Psychomotor Education Research Group teach and direct Master Thesis in the Master’s Degree in Education Research, which is the first and only currently official Official Research Master’s degree in Spain and Latin America. to researchers in Psychomotor Education. It provides an overview and a transversal view of educational research and at the same time deepens in a specific field. The specialty of Art, Body and Movement allows to develop research and advanced knowledge in physical education and sports, visual and artistic education, and psychomotor education. This specialty is nourished by the experience of applied research in these three fields of the Department of Didactics of the Musical, Plastic and corporal Expression. The subject of this specialty is the research in “Physical Education and Sports”, “Artistic and Visual Education” and “Psychomotor Education”, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. The process of “construction” of identities and diversity, including languages, discourses and representations of art, body and movement, will be critically, holistically and innovatively analyzed. The specialty studies motor skills, art, relationships, space and play, among others, in the field of research, interaction, innovation and educational intervention. Different quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will be contrasted, such as observation, experimentation, narrative research, action-research and visual and artistic inquiry. Social contexts will be considered and analyzed based on a globalizing framework that considers personal values, cultural transformations, the richness of spaces and the diversity of perspectives, learning and agents as educational and training pillars. The official UAB MURE link: