The teaching staff of the Department of Didactics of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​which is part of the GREP, teaches some subjects in the Degree in Early Childhood Education related to Psychomotor Skills:

-Body and Psychomotor Education in Early Childhood Education I: Compulsory, 3rd year, 4 ECTS.

– Body and Psychomotor Education in the centers in Infant Education II: Compulsory, 4th year, 4 ECTS.

– Game and Movement in Early Childhood Education: Optional, 4th year, 6 ECTS.

– Final Degree Project: Compulsory, 4th year, 6 ECTS.

Some of these teachers also belong to the “Network of Formative and Shared Evaluation in Education”. They use this type of assessment in the subjects and carry out Research-Action cycles through “Good Practice” activities such as the Co-Tutored Psychomotor Learning Project (PAPCo-T, which is carried out in the subject “Body and Psychomotor Education in the centers in Infant Education II”.

In the PAPCo-T students design in groups a Psychomotor session co-supervised by the teachers of the subject and by a teacher-psychomotorist of a school. First they put it into practice with their college classmates and then into a school with a real group of kids.