Collaborators are people of recognized prestige within the field of Psychomotor and Educational Research. Other UAB professors, other Universities and teachers active in different Catalan schools that are trained, imparted and guarded by the quality of Psychomotor activity are:



I am a psychologist and psychomotor, with many years of dedication in the field of psychomotor activity, both preventative and therapeutic, and with extensive experience in the training of psychomotricians in different contexts (ASEFOP, AEC, postgraduate and university master’s degrees in Catalonia and the rest of The Spanish state).




My name is Eva Bru Sánchez and two years ago I was part of the research group.

I have a nursing education diploma and I am currently working at the Ithaca school in Manresa. I was trained in psychomotor practice during the 2007-08 academic year and since then I have been taking the psychomotor sessions in the different schools where I have been.

Psychomotricity has given me a new look towards the child and helps me in thinking and in my daily practice at school. Being part of the research group is both a challenge and an opportunity to continue learning with the whole team.




My training started when I did the teaching of Infant Education, then I found the need to train myself in Psychomotor, thinking about the integration of body, mind and emotions into a free space, where the child It could be expressed as it is. After working at the Municipal Nursing Homes of Martorell and in different public schools of the Department of Education, I wanted to explore the different individual capacities that we can help promote in our students, and that’s how I started training in Psychopedagogy. Later, Sistematic Pedagogy gave this new look that incorporates the acceptance and gratefulness of all the vicissitudes of life.

In my passage through education I have been able to enjoy the first and second cycle of Infantile and also of Primary. I have been a psychomotor specialist with children from the Nursery to CI. The projects with which I have participated have always been based on the Aucouturier line and in the last years I have also included a systemic look at work in the room.

All this training has allowed me to be able to offer psychomotor and / or systemic training to trainers and training of families in different fields and fields, enjoying what enriches you to be able to share and experience different moments and experiences.

I have been able to collaborate as a teacher with the University Foundation of the Bages in the Degree of Infant Education, in the seminar and in the subject “Psychomotricity in the school” and “Body Expression” and in the conferences that in them They are made.

Currently, I work as a teacher and psychomotor at the Els Convents de Martorell school.

My passion is Psychomotricity, so in particular I teach a Systemic and Psychomotor Workshop of Families with which we enjoy a lot.




I have a degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences, Master in Psychomotricity by the UB. Training in Systemic Family Therapy and in Systemic Pedagogy.

Retired from 1 September 2016. Until this date, teacher of the school El Martinet de Ripollet (I worked for 12 years) and previously teacher of the school Patufet-Sant Jordi Hospitalet (for approximately 25 years). Member of the management team of the two schools over 20 years.

The last 4 courses, I have been an associate professor at UB. Department of Body and Musical Expression.

I have also participated in different moments, as a teacher of some of the seminars of the Postgraduate Psychomotor Development of the UAB, in the Research Group in Psychomotor Education and in various Reflection and Research Days organized by this same group.

I have participated in different pedagogical publications (magazines and books), training spaces organized by different educational institutions and other research groups.




My name is Xavi Forcadell Drago. I am a Physical Education Teacher, Psychomotor, Emotional Educator and Doctor of Didactics in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Voice, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since I discovered Psychomotor, thanks to the teacher and psychomotor, Josep Ramon Aymerich, I have been passionate about this discipline. This has been present, both in my professional practice, as a teacher and psychomotor, and also in the training I have done during this time.

In the Emotional Education Postgraduate, of the University of Barcelona, ​​my final work is titled “Emotional Psychomotricity in the Second Cycle of Infant Education”. In the Psychomotricity Specialist Training Postgraduate Program at the Ramon Llull University, I went into the role of the Psychomotor. And then I completed the doctoral thesis, with the supervision of the directors, Dr. Lurdes Martínez and the Dra. Cori Camps, with which I defined the evaluation of the competences of the psychomotorist in the educational field to improve his professional development.

Currently, I am a teacher and psychomotor at a school, and a professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​in the Degree in Infant Education and in the “Postgraduate Diploma in Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years”, and in the Rovira i Virgili University, in The “International Master in Education and Psychomotor Therapy.” I have also been a professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​the Degree in Infant Education and the “Official Master’s Degree in Motric and Educational Activity.” And I am a member of the Research Group in Psicomotor education of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2014 SGR 1662).







I am a professor at the University of Barcelona.

I have formed and I am a teacher of Infant and Primary Education, also a teacher in Physical Education, I have specialized in the development of autonomous motor of the child and the care in centers and different ways of educational organization for the first Childhood and childhood in general.

I am a doctor in pedagogy with the thesis about Emmi Pikler and the autonomous motor development from birth to the safety of the first steps, also by the University of Barcelona

The Pikler Foundation and the Pikler Association, based in the Pikler-Lóczy Institute in Budapest, Hungary, have awarded me the honorary title of “Former Pikler” (2015). I have been the president and founder of the missing Pikler Hensgtenberg Association of Catalonia from 2003 to 2013.

I am the author of various articles and monographic coordinator in the magazine Aula de infantil or Guix, the publisher Graó and the magazine Reladei, with topics such as observation, free movement, global and autonomous development, daily organization of spaces and time, and also About the attitude of the professional in dialogue with the baby and with the child during the moments of care and attention. All the published works are based on reflections with teams of nursery schools with whom I have shared anxieties and desire to investigate from the perspective of the Piklerian and Reggiana documentation. But we have also created new lines about organizing the lives of children and adults in educational centers.

I am a coordinator and member of the group: Innovation and research on the body, movement and daily life in children’s education, at ICE of the UB. Member of the French-speaking “goupe crèche” group of the Pikler International Association. Associate member of the UAB Psychomotricity Research Group and member of the consolidated research group on Narrative Inquiry at the UB.





I am Gemma Heras and Fortuny, teacher of children and primary school. I am also a speech therapist and a psychomotricist.

From my beginnings as a teacher I have sought to seek, in any situation, how to give expressiveness to the body and that the movement of children and adults brings harmony in each space that configures the school.

I have promoted training in psychomotor activity at school so that the team values the importance of this work as a basic aspect of learning.




My name is Carmen López, I am a child education teacher and Psychomotorist. I trained as a psychomotorist in the School of Expression and Psychomotor, now called AEC and from this moment I have not stopped training and participating in conferences and conferences that have helped me throughout my career to reflect and improve my work educational I am also a member of the APP.

I have a long experience in the educational world in the accompaniment of the smallest children and their families. A few years ago in which I participated as a psychomotor trainer in the Aec, within the annual courses of Educational and Preventive Psychomotor, I am currently participating in the Postgraduate Training of University Expert in Educational and Preventive Psychomotor practice. Porto also has a long career as an internship tutor in the training of the different Postgraduate courses of the Aec-UB and the UAB Development Postgraduate.




I am Manel Llecha Masot, retired teacher and psychomotor at this time.
I did the training of psychomotorist at the now missing School of Expression and Psychomotor of the City Council of Barcelona, ​​it must be said that I keep an excellent record. This was between the late 80’s and early 90’s of the last century. Without underestimating any other way of doing, my training and the practice I have taken with work with children is based on the mode of intervention developed by Bernard Aucouturier and the ASEFOP, European Association of Psychomotor Training School. Those were a few years of beginnings and that training called “triennial,” became what they have been, for years, postgraduate and masters.

The bulk of my work as a psychomotor I have done in the educational field, a course at the Ventura Gassol School and another fifteen at the Joan Coret School, both from Badalona. It is also true that I also worked on occasions with small groups with the intention of intervention of psychomotor assistance.

I tutored a few years the practices of UAB graduate students in psychomotor education.

I have belonged to the GREP for years, I am part of the APP, the Professional Association of Psychomotors and the editorial board of the magazine specializing in psychomotor activity Entre Líneas.




My academic background is that of the teacher of Infant Education at the University of Barcelona (UB); Special Education: Therapeutic Pedagogy for the University of Distance Education (UNED); Sistematic Pedagogy for the Gestalt Institute; And Psychomotricity by the Association for Expression and Communication (AEC).

My teaching practice has been twenty-five years in the period from zero to three years. Five years at a social assistance school in the Mina district of Barcelona and nineteen years in the children ‘s homes of the Generalitat of Catalonia and twelve years at the Infant Education stage three – six years at Horta Guinardó de Barcelona doing the I work as a psychomotor, and I am still.

I have never stopped participating in conferences and congresses, especially regarding psychomotor activity and also in other formations that enriched my professional career.

I am also a mother of two daughters and grandmother of two clean and a clean one.

I consider myself a person with social conscience and a fighter for a better world that attaches importance to education, justice, solidarity among people.




I am a teacher of Infant and Psychomotric Education. I studied teaching at the UAB.

My first steps as a teacher I did at the Benviure Public School in Sant Boi de Llobregat where I contacted the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice.

For 22 years, I’ve been working at the Public School: in my beginnings I have carried out support tasks in the P3 classrooms, followed by a 6-year period in which I discovered the world of the Nursery School (IMEB) . For the last ten years I have been working in the second cycle of Infant Education.

In the different schools I have alternated the functions of group tutor with the specialty of psychomotor activity.




I learned about psychomotor skills when in 1977 I attended the diploma of specialist teacher in preschool education at the UAB and deepened training in the School of Expression and Psychomotor of the City Council of Barcelona (EMEIP)

I have worked as a psychomotorist in the educational and therapeutic field, I have collaborated in the training of psychomotricists and I have been participating and collaborating with the associations of psychomotricists since the beginning.

Since 2003 I am the president of the Federation of Psychomotor Associations of the Spanish State (FAPee) and as such, delegated to the European Psychomotor Forum (FEP).




I am a teacher of infant education, special and primary education and psychomotor skills.

I have been trained at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the Nursery Education Diploma, in the Postgraduate Diploma in Therapeutic Pedagogy and the Postgraduate in Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years. I have specialized in the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice of Therapeutic Aid in AEC, Association for Expression and Communication, with the collaboration of the University of VIC and the ASEFOP. And, in continuous training in the educational and psychomotor field.

I was part of the GREDES group, in the field of emotional education, under the direction of the trainer Anna Carpena. Once formed, along with the group’s colleagues, we provided training counseling for schools in the Vallès Occidental region, authorized by the resource center of the educational area.

At this time, I am a career officer and I work at the Mestre Pla School in Castellar del Vallès in the EE and EI specialty teaching the Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice in both the educational and psychomotor aid, in a small group .

I collaborate in the private company of Kairòs Psicomotriz, a center of psychomotor, educational and systemic therapy. As a psychomotor therapist in Psychomotor Assistance groups and as a psychomotor in the team of “Come and play with them.”

I collaborate in the Psychomotor Education Research group and are part of the tutoring of the Psychomotor Development Postgraduate course from 0 to 8 years and providing the Mestre Pla school as a center for student internships.

I define myself as a vocational teacher and psychomotricist.




Hello, I am Carme Sànchez and my first contact with psychomotricity was around the 90’s when I was studying specialized in Infant Education. That look of the child, a creator of his own knowledge, was the one who captivated me.

A small brushstroke, by the great professional Montserrat Antón, made the postgraduate psychomotricity she coordinated later on. The postgraduate in psychomotor activity made me even more captivated and offered me a whole range of possibilities, not only as a psychomotor but also as a professional of education. As a result of this postgraduate, we developed, my friend and colleague Pia Ivanco and I, the psychomotor project that I am currently working on at the Tiana School.

A few years later I joined the Psychomotor Research Group (GREP) where I have collaborated humbly in projects, articles, books, conferences and not in the postgraduate that I liked.

The entry in this group has offered me the possibility of being in touch with the new generations, both of Children’s Teachers and of new psychomotricians, which I enrich myself as I am continually learning.

A few years ago, thanks to the innovative spirit of the Tiana school management team, we have expanded our project to the Initial Cycle, giving psychomotricity the importance it has in the integral development of children.

And last but not least, I’m also a mother of three lovely creatures who make me smile with me every day and want to put my little frog in their education.




Teacher of Infant and Primary Education. I have always worked in the public school generally in the Infantile Education stage. I am currently working at the Ítaca school in Manresa doing psychomotricity for students from 3 to 5 years.

I am a mother of 2 children, Arnau and Gerard.

In 2007 I did the training course in educational and preventive psychomotor practice organized by the AEC. During 2011 and 2012 I participated in the permanent training seminar also organized by the AEC.

From the 2010-2011 academic year I have collaborated with the UAB in the postgraduate course in psychomotor activity as a practice school and later participating as a member of the research group.




I graduated in Clinical Psychology at the UB, finishing in 1979, where I was already participating in the summer courses “Carme Aymerich” to go specialize in Psychomotor. I have been a participant of the first promotion at the Psychomotor Practice of the Aucouturier which now honors to direct 35 years ago !!!!

Always looking to work in a team and network. I am part of different educational, therapeutic and educational groups: school counseling; Tariqa a project for psychological help for children and families; Participation in Jornadas, Postgraus, Congresses and national and international Institutions.

Tariqa is a therapeutic space that works with a stable team and a researcher since 1994 with constant growth and evolution accompanying families with problems in the growth of their children. We are specialized in a very individualized group work, combined with family work and school coordination.

I have been collaborating since 2002 in the Postgraduate Degree in Motor Development of the UAB body and music department.

I am part of the associate teaching staff of the Faculty of Education of the UB.

At the same time I have continued to participate in meetings and discussions with themes of values, spirituality and education, as well as a great hobby for the theater and the clown that incorporated them as therapeutic tools and in adult formations.

I absolutely believe in the tandem to learn-to teach and in the possibility of choosing that as people we have to do each one with their own potentialities.