Research Group Education Psychomotor born as a result of the concern of a group of teachers from different educational levels (Infant, Primary and Superior) to advance the recognition and consolidation of the psychomotor education as a scientific discipline, school, college and professional.

The foundations of this group have been getting slowly. The 1998-1999 academic year and 2000, psychomotor and physical education teachers of the Faculty of Education at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and active teachers in Catalan schools started the first edition of postgraduate Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years and the Days of Reflection: psychomotor and school, respectively. Activities that today remain the responsibility of the Research Group.

In 2006, it created the Psychomotor Development Research Group (ref 1390) to gain recognition as a research group from the UAB, the embryo of the current Psychomotor Education Research Group, recognized as a group Emerging research Agency for Management of University research (AGAUR) in 2014.

The Group consists of teachers Unit Body of the Teacher Training Department of Teaching Musical, Plastic and Corporal UAB who teaches in the Degree in Early Childhood Education, and outsiders renowned in the professional field of motor skills and active teachers from different schools and Catalan are made to ensure the improvement of this discipline.