The psychomotor intervention at the UAB understands as a tool that allows the approach to the educational and preventive approach in all matters relating to the development and learning of the child respecting diversity and environment, especially in the early ages of life.

The stage of early childhood education and the first courses of primary education is where the child is manifested from the outset and where the professionals who accompany him in his development should have a performance based on watchful eye, observation, listening and action.

The human team that develops this area in the Faculty of Education Sciences has been growing and consolidating. A sample are:

1. The recognition of the Psychomotor Education Research Group as an emerging research group by the Agency for Management of University Grants and Research (AGAUR) of Catalonia.

 2. The organization of the Postgraduate Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years with an average of 25 participants in each of them.

 3. The Reflection Days: Psychomotricity and School with between 100 and 200 participants in each edition.

 4. The co-organization of the 5th European Congress of Psychomotricity.

 5. Collaboration in the organization of the 25th Conference EECERA (European Early Childhood Education Research Association)

The faculty of this discipline in addition to collaborating in different Postgraduates, Masters and Conferences of Spain, in the UAB is responsible for teaching in different subjects:

– Degree in Early Childhood Education:

    Didactics of the Body Education in the centers of Infantile Education (3rd course GEI)
    Psychomotor Education in Child Education centers (4th GHG course)
    Game and movement (4th GHG course)

– Postgraduate Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years.

– From the Master’s Degree in Research in Education:

This last Master includes the specialty of Art, Body and Movement being the first and currently only official Master of research in all the Spanish State and Latin America that contemplates to train researchers in Psychomotor Education.