Jordi Arbonès Montull (Barcelona, 1929 – Bernal, Argentina, 2001) translated more than 140 works, mostly from British and north-American prose fiction and drama from the 19th and 20th centuries, into Catalan and Spanish. A part from translating, he wrote poetry, prose fiction and drama. He also wrote essays, especially about drama and Manuel de Pedrolo’s work. In addition, he produced a big amount of articles on translation and wrote the forewords for the most significant works of writers he knew. He lived in Argentina since 1956 and from there he contributed to Catalan magazines such as Catalunya, Ressorgiment, Serra d’Or and Revista de Catalunya.

Aware that disseminating and studying one of the largest works in translation in the second half of the 20th century was of utmost importance, Arbonès’ family transferred his legacy to the Catalan university Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

His legacy consists in a great amount of translations or edited original versions as well as his own particular book collection, which includes dedicated books among other materials. It also contains first or very old editions and a big amount of unpublished manuscripts and a large correspondence maintained with various personalities of the Catalan literature and culture. There are also a lot of press excerpts which constitute valuable historical material.

Jordi Arbonès’ collection is kept in the library Biblioteca d’Humanitats of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Entrevista a Glòria Arbonès i a Marta Albaladejo sobre la correspondència dels seus pares a RAC1.



  Christopher Isherwood

  Adéu a Berlín

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès and Josep Cornudella i Defis

  Viena Edicions

  Collection «El Cercle de Viena», 56, 2016

  289 p., 22 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-8330-898-1






  Ernest Hemingway

  El vell al pont

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès

  Epilogue by Ian Gibson; illustrated by Pere Ginard

  Libros del Zorro Rojo, 2016

  45 p., 25 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-9449-427-7





  John Steinbeck

  La perla

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès

  Introduction and notes by Francisco Antón

  Vicens Vives

  Collection «Aula de Lletres Vicens Vives», 1, 2015

  115 p., 20 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-6822-854-9




  Charles Dickens

  Una història de dues ciutats. Una novel·la de la Revolució Francesa

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès


  Collection «Literatures», 2015

  423 p., 24 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-8883-986-2





  Edited by J. Santamaría & P. Alonso

  Antologia del relat policíac

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès

  Vicens Vives

  Collection «Aula Literària Vicens Vives», 17, 2015

  XXXIV p., 237p., 28 p., 20 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-6823-503-5





  Anthony Burgess

  La taronja mecànica

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès

  Prologue by Quim Monzó

  Edicions Proa

  Collection «Labutxaca», 2014

  269 p., 18 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-9930-846-3




  C. S. Lewis

  El nebot del mag

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès; illustrated de Pauline Baynes

  Estrella Polar

  Collection «Les cròniques de Nàrnia», 1, 2014

  251 p., 21 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-9057-652-6





  Gerald Durrell

  El jardí dels déus

  Translated by Jordi Arbonès

  Viena Edicions

  Collection «El Cercle de Viena», 44, 2014

  264 p., 18 cm

  ISBN: 978-84-8330-811-0