Capitalise the names of all countries, towns and other geographical terms commonly accepted to be proper names.

Small_OK Catalonia
Small_OK Barcelona
Small_OK the IberianPeninsula

The names of geographical features are also capitalised. The generic term (lake, sea, river, channel, etc.) is also capitalised when it is used as part of the name.

Small_OK the MediterraneanSea
Small_OK the River Francolí
Small_OK Lake Banyoles

Otherwise, no capital letter is used (see Reference).

Small_OK the Mediterranean and the Baltic seas

Capitalise the initial article in a town’s name, even though it is lowercased in Catalan.

Small_OK El Morell
Small_OK La Floresta
Small_OK L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

When you are referring to parts of cities, capitalise terms such as avinguda, carrer, carretera, passeig andplaça, even though these are lowercased in Catalan (see also Place names).

Small_OK All Erasmus Week participants should be at the underground station inPlaça de Catalunya at 9.00 a.m.

Compass directions should only be capitalised when they are part of the name of a recognised geographical or political region.

Small_OK The URV has established an agreement with Queen’s University, the leading university in Northern Ireland.
Small_OK The URV is the university of southern Catalonia.

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