For the attention of: Anita Smith

Postal address: Carrer de Joan Fuster i Ortells, 8, 43007 Tarragona


On 15 October Anita Smith sent an application to the Language Service asking to be refunded the sum of €225 that she paid for a Catalan for Beginners course.

From the documents provided it is clear that Ms Smith is currently on an Erasmus programme at our university and made the payment as stated.

Mobility students, including Erasmus students, are entitled to free tuition in Catalan, in accordance with the official list of fees for language courses.


Ms Smith is to be refunded the sum of €225.


This resolution does not exhaust the right of appeal through administrative channels. If you wish to appeal, present an application for further review by the rector within one month from the day after receiving this notification.


Jaume Serra i Alemany
Head of the Secretary’s Office, Language Service

Tarragona, 1 November 2014


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