A dash is similar in appearance to a hyphen, but is longer and used differently. The most common version of the dash is the en dash. Use it with spaces to make a parenthetical reference.

Small_OK This morning’s lecture rescheduled from last week was given by Professor Mulligan.

Use it without spaces to express a connection or to indicate a date, time or number range.

Small_OK GironaBarcelona bus
Small_OK staffstudent relationship
Small_OK 20072010
Small_OK 3.007.30 p.m.
Small_OK 4050 students

Remember that ranges can be expressed by an en dash or by the words from and to (or between and and), but never by a combination of from (or between) and an en dash.

Cross The Arabic discussion group will meet from 3.00–6.30 p.m. on Thursdays.

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