• Use of Ms and Mrs Because Mrs implies a woman is married, using it in formal contexts seems presumptuous. Use Ms (but see below).
  • Mr, Mrs or Ms versus other titles Do not combine titles and ranks such as professor, doctor, etc. with Mr or Ms. If the title is somehow separated from the name, use Mr or Ms + surname or the full name.
    Small_OK Chairwoman Isabel Sales asked the rector, Mr Torrelló, to speak.

    Use lady only for the ceremonial title used in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, and as part of the expression
    ladies and gentlemen.

  • Salutations A problem occurs in the opening salutation of letters written to unnamed individuals. Avoid translating senyor, senyora, Sr./Sra. or En/Na as Mr or Ms, and instead write Dear student, Dear faculty member or Dear colleague. If the recipients have no
    relationship with the university, use Dear Sir or Madam.

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