• Numbers and decimal pointsUse a point, not a comma, before a decimal.
    Small_OK 0.25
    Small_OK 5.5
  • Numbers and commasIn numbers of one thousand or more, use commas between groups of three digits, counting from the right.
    Small_OK 2,436
    Small_OK 32,548
    Small_OK 83,200,000

    Do not use commas in serial numbers such as page numbers, street numbers and years.

    Small_OK All further enquiries should be made at our office at 1558 Brunswick Avenue, New York City.
  • Numbers and hyphensHyphenate numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine.
    Small_OK Three hundred and forty-six students are enrolled in the School of Fine Art.

    Spell out numbers that are joined to a word by a hyphen, except in the case of set phrases such as24-hour clock.

    Small_OK A five-year period
    Small_OK A one-week holiday

    When two numbers appear side by side, spell one of them out. If one of them occurs alongside a unit of measurement, make that one a numeral.

    Small_OK four 6-week periods
    Small_OK thirty-six 20-cent coins

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