All the words, including the generic terms, that are part of the official name of public institutions, organisations, societies, associations and movements should be capitalised.

Small_OK the Faculty of Chemistry
Small_OK the Department of Business Management
Small_OK the Language Service
Small_OK the Board of Trustees
Small_OK the General Directorate of Universities

When the names of organisations are in the plural or have a more general meaning, the generic terms should be lowercased.

Small_OK The departments of History and Psychology are piloting a new teaching methodology.
Small_OK One of the aims of a university language service is to prepare students to compete in a globalised society.

When the full name of the organisation is abbreviated by deleting a word or words, the capitals should be maintained (see “Reference”).

Small_OK The Department [of History] is piloting a new teaching methodology.
Small_OK The University [of Barcelona] is engaged in a far-reaching process of internationalisation.

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