When there is a well-established English translation for a place name in the Catalan-speaking territories, use it.

Small_OK the Balearic Islands
Small_OK Catalonia
Small_OK Majorca
Small_OK Minorca

When there is no well-established English translation, use the Catalan name.

Small_OK Castelló de la Plana
Small_OK Girona
Small_OK Lleida

When the Catalan place name may not be as familiar to the reader as the Spanish place name, after the Catalan name you may decide to add the Spanish name. Do this by adding the Spanish name in brackets.

Small_OK Alacant (Alicante)
Small_OK Eivissa (Ibiza)
Small_OK Elx (Elche)

Avoid the use of demonyms (words used to describe inhabitants) for towns and cities. Use the inhabitants of Barcelona or the people of Barcelona, rather than Barcelonans. Note that the demonym for Catalonia isCatalan (not Catalonian).

Do not translate addresses, but if they can be made more understandable or easier to read for an English-speaking audience, then this is advisable.

Transcribe the first letter of lower-case Catalan terms such as avinguda, carrer, carretera, passeig andplaça in upper case for English-speaking audiences even though these are lowercased in Catalan (soCarrer de Sant Pau, Avinguda Diagonal, etc.).

Write out the full address rather than using abbreviations (so for pl. de Catalunya, write Plaça de Catalunya).

Floor and door numbers should be expressed in cardinal rather than ordinal numbers (i.e., 1, 2 rather than1st, 2nd).

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