One of the pillars supporting this group are the researchers who study Catalan translation in relation to other languages and historical processes, stressing the similarities and differences, sometimes from a linguistic perspective, sometimes a sociolinguistic perspective and sometimes a more speculative angle. In this regard, the numerous contributions by Carles Castellanos, who has compiled various dictionaries and conducted research into the standardisation of different languages, are vitally important; Mercè Altimir has reflected on the difficulties of translating Japanese poetry into Catalan; Carles Biosca has studied the standardisation of Sardinian and its translation; Caterina Briguglia has explored the problem of translating linguistic variation in contemporary literary Catalan; and Josefina Caball is studying certain features of David Rosenthal’s English translations of Catalan classics. All this research should, in the future, come together in contributions that will provide the foundations and more efficient tools for studying contemporary Catalan translation.